Starting Up

Welcome to the first page!

The website ‘going live’ has coincided with my return from a week in Mexico, and recovering from my Nephew’s wedding in Cancun. While my heart is still there, I fear in Sussex, that I will quickly lose my slight tan  –  but the priceless memories will last forever!  Viva Diana and Jordan.

And so to writing… of sorts.

I have just finished my third and latest book, and with the very good help of Lucy and Aimee at publishers Head and Heart Books, my website is now set up and the registration of my books has taken place with Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing. The books are available in specific formats, so simply go to ‘Books’!

The latest book ‘Battle Honours’ has just been registered on Waterstones’ system, so this can also be purchased in paperback form, as I did a limited edition print run via my printers OneDigital of Brighton.

I tend to work in spurts of enthusiasm. One day I might have the inspiration for writing a few joined-up words, and will get in the groove  –  just to get another piece over the line. Then I will pick up on my new interest of painting.

My art is with paint, brush and canvas  (not paper, scissors and stone)  –  and owes more to my DIY back catalogue, than any formal training !  –  unless I count my Dad as a Professor of Decorating. That said, I did train as an architectural assistant and ended up a qualified surveyor… so geometric shapes are my thing  –  easy, peasy.

I also like curves. My garden has lots of curves as do the people in my life. Hence, abstract landscape is my thing. Telling a story or taking a journey in bright colours, is invariably the outcome  –  but not necessarily in any order, and certainly not in compliance with a formally trained artist’s ‘colour wheel’ of complimentary or opposite colours.

I have tried oil paint but found it took too long to dry. So I keep that for DIY!  Acrylic paints on canvas dry very quickly. Therefore the moment of inspiration can be captured, and the overall work finished in a trice  – and sold on! Who knows? Maybe my collection might form the basis of another book.

From my ‘Future Book’ page, you will see that my next book will have a Middle East travel cum history theme to it. If like me, you are a collector of ideas, then you will know that your mind quite frequently drifts and you madly scribble something down, while still concentrating on the original job in hand.  My publisher (or analyst) probably has a word for this condition  –  but as I am quite harmless, I am left to fend for myself and not restrained! The outcome will be a mountain of jotted notes, and the next book has about three year’s worth. So I now have to pull it together, while the mind inevitably drifts again as new words and sentences get added into the mix.  And then you think about doing a Blog, when you should be working!

From years of experience in doing something, I have found that it is best to look busy, otherwise someone in higher authority gives you a to-do list.

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