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Creative Lockdown

A painting of VE Day flags by Patrick

Instead of getting on with more chapters of my fifth book during Lockdown, it was just nice to get out in the garden after what seemed like months of winter rain. So since early Spring I have kept fit doing manual work of heaving barrow-loads of soil for new raised borders, and erecting a new line of fence panels. Finally, I have recently levelled the end of the back garden, ready for a new Studio shed to be installed in the next few days.  It remains to be seen whether Sue will be quicker off the mark in moving all her art and stuff in, before I do!

I have however kept up with some creative artwork of my own, which coincided with my local Art Gallery and Museum at Littlehampton proposing a public historical record of the current way of life, during the past five months of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is hoped that in a few months time there will be a public showing of artist’s work, but initially the Open Exhibition submissions are via their online platform and can be viewed at

For my submission, I just had to capture the moment of the VE Day celebrations, which coincided with a bright and breezy day during the hot month of May, and the colours in my front garden. And of course the celebrations were a perfect release of emotion against the backdrop of Lockdown and current uncertain times. So really, this is an uplifting and evocative image representing hope and resilience – while vanquishing fear and oppression.

While some of us are lucky enough to enjoy the seasonal benefits of our own garden, there is also the joy and distraction when walking out,  viewing other people’s gardens – admiring their personal endeavours during the early restrictive months of Lockdown.  So this is certainly an image encompassing many aspects of the current way of life. My two billowing Union Jacks almost envelop the front garden’s mauve and white Irises. This year has proved to be the best yet for my Irises – these ‘flags’ of nature.

For me, there has to be bright colour and action in a painting. I love to work fast, so acrylics are my preferred medium. This painting I did in about two hours – brush and palette knife, and lay it on thick!

To round off, I have allowed myself some relaxation time down on the local (and not too crowded) beach during May and the hotter last days of June – and also venturing into the surf.  Long may this continue, along with more aspects of life returning to some form of normality. 

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